At Leading Edge, our philosophy is simple—you must understand your customers’ needs to meet them.

During his 13 years in the materials industry, founder Phillip Guthrie saw an opportunity to improve the way materials specialists interact with their clients. He wanted to take a hands-on, relationship-oriented approach to improving his customers’ products and processes. He wanted the chance to collaborate and apply his expertise to solving unique and challenging materials-related problems. He wanted to establish long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with his customers—and he wasn’t alone. After discovering others who shared his vision—both his clients and his peers—he founded Leading Edge.

Located in Gardena, California, Leading Edge specializes in providing high-quality, specialty materials used in a wide variety of applications. Many materials are available for immediate shipment from either our Midwestern warehouse in Indianapolis, Indiana or our west coast warehouse in southern California. Our materials specialists work very closely with our clients, providing invaluable insight as to which materials are best-suited for the given environment, how materials are best machined, and which metals are most cost-effective.

Our reputation speaks for itself—quality products and uncompromising integrity. Trust Leading Edge with all of your specialty materials needs. With our unmatched dedication to quality materials and customer satisfaction, we know you’ll be pleased with your decision.