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Uncompromising Strength even at high temperatures – Leading Edge can provide the materials you need for the toughest environments.

Our alloys are used in a wide variety of applications including aircraft engines, chemical processing, machining, and heat treatment. Below are High-Temperature, Corrosion-Resistant, and Refractory Metals with its properties, enabling you to chose the best suited Metal for your projects!


Technical Properties

of Refractory Metals

Refractory Metals Metal Properties

 Melting pointBoiling pointDensity Heat of fusionMolar heat capacityElectrical resistivityMagnetic ordering
Molybdenum 2896 K ​(2623 °C, ​4753 °F)4912 K ​(4639 °C, ​8382 °F)10.28 g/cm337.48 kJ/mol24.06 J/(mol·K)53.4 nΩ·m (at 20 °C)paramagnetic[4]
Titanium1941 K ​(1668 °C, ​3034 °F)3560 K ​(3287 °C, ​5949 °F)4.506 g/cm314.15 kJ/molxx420 nΩ·m (at 20 °C)paramagnetic
Zirconium2128 K ​(1855 °C, ​3371 °F)4650 K ​(4377 °C, ​7911 °F)6.52 g/cm314 kJ/mo25.36 J/(mol·K)421 nΩ·m (at 20 °C)paramagnetic[3]
Constantan1210 °C
Nickel1728 K ​(1455 °C, ​2651 °F)3003 K ​(2730 °C, ​4946 °F)8.908 g/cm317.48 kJ/mol26.07 J/(mol·K)69.3 nΩ·m (at 20 °C)ferromagnetic
Alumel1399 °Cxx8.61 g cm−3xxxxxxxx
Chromel1420 °C8.5 g cm−3xx0.706 µΩ mxx
Invar 361427°C, 2600°Fxx8055g cm 0.291xxxx495 ohm-cir mil/ftxx
Niobium2750 K ​(2477 °C, ​4491 °F)5017 K ​(4744 °C, ​8571 °F)8.57 g/cm330 kJ/mol24.60 J/(mol·K)152 nΩ·m (at 0 °C)paramagnetic
Rhenium3459 K ​(3186 °C, ​5767 °F)5903 K ​(5630 °C, ​10,170 °F)21.02 g/cm360.43 kJ/mol25.48 J/(mol·K)193 nΩ·m (at 20 °C)paramagnetic[2]
Tantalum3290 K ​(3017 °C, ​5463 °F)5731 K ​(5458 °C, ​9856 °F)16.69 g/cm336.57 kJ/mol25.36 J/(mol·K)131 nΩ·m (at 20 °C)paramagnetic[3]
Tungsten3695 K ​(3422 °C, ​6192 °F)6203 K ​(5930 °C, ​10706 °F)19.3 g/cm352.31 kJ/mol[3][4]24.27 J/(mol·K)52.8 nΩ·m (at 20 °Cparamagnetic[5]
Kovar1450 °C / 2640 °F8.35 g /cm300.49 Ω mm2 /cm
MuMetal2642°F [1450°C]xx 0.316 lb/in³ [8.74g/cm³]xxxx 60 μΩ​cmxx


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